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We create and brand your very own custom Drum VST/AU plugins. If you’re a producer, DJ, or company, looking to sell and distribute your very own VST/AU plug-ins, We are here to help you with the process and it’s very easy, We have created a simple but yet effective GUI design for you to use. When you purchase one of our pre-defined packages, You will get your logo placed in the plug-in and whatever your logo colors are, we will match the knobs, buttons, and drum pads with the color of your logo. From there, we will take the sounds that you created, and make your custom kits inside of this VST/AU plugin!

Volume Control
Pitch Control
Pan Control
ADSR Setting
Preset Window
Reverb FX
16 MultiOutputs
GUI Virtual instruments
Compatible With Your DAW On Both Major Operating Systems. (Mac And PC)
UI Design Software
Build Virtual instruments

How To Order And Send Your Files


Step 1
Pick A Pre-Define

Step 2
Prepare Your Logo In (.png) Format
Step 3
Prepare Your Sounds In (.wav) Format
Step 4
Zip Your Files And

Our Trusted Clients

One Beat - Trap Rap Drumkit
Beats Freaks Geeks
UI Design

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